Food Recycling

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Food recycling in Ashland!  

Don't waste your waste, I'll feed it to bugs!  Simply place your food waste in containers provided by Midwest Mealworms, and our bugs will turn it into great protein sources for chickens, quail, and other small animals.

No, you never have to see the bugs (unless you want to), they will be at my farm just east of Ashland.  

How does this work???  The process is simple:

1.  Sign up by purchasing this product here! Justin will review your location and get you worked into the schedule.  

2.  A clean food bucket will be dropped off at your location.  Simply start filling that bucket once it arrives.

3. On Tuesday mornings, place the bucket outside (front porch/driveway).

4.  The full bucket will be swapped for a clean empty bucket.

5.  Take the clean bucket inside and continue recycling your food!

Food restrictions:  none at this time, but this is subject to change.  All waste placed into the container should be food waste only, no paper / plastic / etc.

By purchasing this service, you agree to receive email updates and acknowledge that changes to schedule and pricing can occur.  You may cancel this service at any time.

This service is only available for residents inside the city limits of Ashland, Missouri.




Buckets:  food grade plastic buckets, you'll start with one bucket.  If you fill that bucket routinely before pickup, let me know you'd like a second one and I will provide it, no additional charges.

Pickup day:  pickup will be completed on Tuesday mornings between 8am and 12pm.  Place your bucket outside on Tuesday morning by 8am, I do not recommend setting it out overnight.