Contact "Us"


Correct!  My name is Justin, and I own and run Midwest Mealworms.  When you reach out, you're engaging with me, and only me.  

Please know that I am grateful you are here, and want to help and engage.  I do not currently have a business phone. I have several other ways you can get in touch with me though.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns, and know that you're talking directly to the person who raises / cares for / packages everything at Midwest Mealworms!

Email -

Facebook - @MidwestMealwormsLLC - a great way to instant message together!

Instagram - @midwestmealworms - a great way to instant message together!

Twitter - @midwestmealworm

Tiktok - @midwestmealworms

You can also check out my videos on my YouTube channel to see how I raise my insects, the processes I follow, and a lot more!