Insect Frass - 10 lb boxes
Insect Frass - 10 lb boxes
Insect Frass - 10 lb boxes
Insect Frass - 10 lb boxes

Insect Frass - 10 lb boxes

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10 lbs of Mealworm Frass packaged in 100% recyclable packaging.

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Mealworms only output is their excrement – known as Castings or Frass. This insect frass is 100% from mealworms!

    • Mix with water for indoor and outdoor use
    • Can be applied via a spreader for large areas
    • Minimal odor!
    • Dry and ready to use

Please note: these are recommendations, your requirements may be different depending on your specific use and environment factors.

For best results, pre-mix into a growing media or soil when planting. If plants or already started, mix frass with water and apply as a root drench. Frass can also be applied as a top dressing, in hydroponic systems, as a foliar spray, and into transplanting holes.

Application Rates (only suggestions, modify for your specific use case)

Transplanting Add a pinch of Frass under the roots.
Pre-Mix Add 1 cup of Frass per cubic foot (or 7 gallons) of planting media prior to planting. It should be less than 1% by volume. Beginning in week 2, Top Dress or Compost Tea every 2 weeks.
Hydroponics Add 2 cups of Frass per 30 gallons of water (strain for drip systems). Top dress any grow media (Coco, Clay Pellets, etc.) Add directly to reservoir for ebb and flow or flood to drain systems.
Top Dress Sprinkle over root zone and water in immediately. 1 pound per 20 sq ft, 1 tablespoon per plant, every 2 weeks.
Foliar Feed Add 4 teaspoons of Frass for each gallon of water (1 teaspoon per quart). Shake and let sit for 30 minutes. Strain and apply.
Compost Tea Add 2 cups per 15 gallons of tea (2 tablespoons per gallon) to achieve a fungal dominant tea. Apply as a root drench.