Food Waste

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Please know that at this time, any mealworms fed food waste is for experimentation only. None of the insects fed food waste leave the insect room.


Raw transcripts below, honestly these are just here for SEO :)

Title: "Planning for changes by testing food waste." Transcript: "had some food waste uh from some things that got prepared this morning I've got carrots banana peel cauliflower feel like there was something else mixed in there as well uh and now I've got it ground up into a mush into a paste with added water and what I'm going to try to do is add some wheat brand into it get it to more of a paste and then try and see how the Beetles like it get the Beetles a little bit more nutrient and the goal of this like right now I feed my beetles water gel crystals and what I want to do long term is figure out a way to feed them other things like food waste instead of those water gel crystals so my thought with this from a from an operations perspective is that if I can make batches of these and freeze them then pull them out as I need them and put them into the beetle trays then they'll ideally eat them as they thought right and so smells like carrots so it's starting to firm up a bit here it's definitely absorbed that moisture and so we'll do a little bit more I don't want to go go too far and dry it out too much but I think how I'm going to test this is just grab a scoop full we'll use a small a smaller scoop I think it's a third of a cup and put some in a couple of trays just to test it out see how it works for a little while I'll put some in with some mealworm trays as well and I think I might have enough to do some pupation trays too all right so I've got it into this and if I squeeze this it it does get some of that moisture out all right I think that's good and I think I'm going to I always take the gloves off sooner than I should so I'm trying trying to think if I should keep them on or this one I only have one on if I'm going to need it again uh yeah I probably will all right let's feed okay so now we're down here and I'm just going to grab a little handful I won't get anything dirty I'm just going to take it and kind of glob it in we'll do several trays here and if my camera work isn't perfect it's because I'm paying more attention to that than more attention to getting it in than anything else anytime you test anything in your farm you always want to do whatever it is you're willing to lose so I'm going to stop there with five Beetle trays let's go do some pupation and some mealworm trays okay similar thing I'm just just going to put it on one side here into about five of these as well two and for the most part what I'm curious to see is if it will get eaten because I'm confident that adding nutrients is a good thing and so really I'm just kind of testing what I'm going to have to do from a process perspective so those were the pupation trays let's go find some meal worm trays let's do these all right we'll put these in I'm still going to have a bunch left over so what I'll probably do is throw it in the fridge I'm going to do a few more of these okay and we'll stop there all right and so now we just wait uh I'm going to come back over here to The Beetles and see if they are attracted to it let's take a look yeah they're coming for it so they're starting to climb around on it sense it yeah see how the other side of that tray they're still some over there but they're starting to convene around the table there we go that's a good sign okay I'll check on those tomorrow um and again the goal is more just to see if they'll eat it uh I'm not going to like analyze their nutrient density The Beetles or anything um but my thought is that anything fed a more well round diet is going to be healthier and produce better uh and so we'll see how this goes and get more into the potential use for food waste in the mealworm farm"

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Title: "Update on food waste testing 2.12.24" Transcript: "it's time to check on the beetle trays that we added the food waste to from yesterday and let me pop on the flat so you can see here's the uh trays or the the uh stuff that I got on the tray um when I was putting it in uh but they have devoured it let's dig in here a little bit Yeah there's nothing let's up here yep let's check the rest of the tray they haven't moved the pile NOP and that's consistent in each of the trays that's awesome uh let's check the L I am a bit surprised that the Beatles ate all that that fast uh cuz beetles don't eat super fast uh but I think it's a nutrient thing right like if you continue to give them carrots they'll slow down eating that cuz they have those nutrients already right they'll still eat it but not with like ooh uh so let's check the larvae and very similar it's gone we're just were down to frass I mean they yeah the pile hasn't moved yep and last but not least the pupation trace and very similar results so those are just like the other larvae though although they have quite a bit more wheat brand than the previous larva trays that we looked at so yeah now there might still be some like there's a group connect collected there let's take a look no they're just hanging out I don't think there's anything there I think they've eaten it all so that went well um same thing with the Beetles on the mesh so I didn't throw that in the video um that's below here uh but I did did add some in let's take a look at that so I put some on this now they've been moving this around so it started over here it's been moved over here and there's some of that down below so they've probably eaten some of it and then it just fell through the mesh uh but it's dry at least yeah so that's a good sign uh that gives me some good feedback that I think the food waste thing is going to be beneficial otherwise they wouldn't have consumed it so quickly so this is less than 24 hours uh since I put it in and things are looking good uh so I'm probably going to keep doing that um and see you know if there's some things that I put in that they won't eat or don't like um but I think if I mix it up like that and then add it in with the brand it's giving them more incentive to eat it potentially uh I could try it without the brand uh maybe the next one that I do I will grind it all up with the food processor and then separate some out and just put that in on its own uh without wheat brand mixed into it and see how they do with that but that's a good test I like it" I'm providing an update on food waste testing conducted on 2.12.24. I observed remarkable consumption by beetles and larvae within less than 24 hours. The trays containing food waste showed consistent consumption, indicating its effectiveness. Nutrient-rich foods seem to attract more consumption from the beetles and larvae. Experimentation will continue, possibly testing food waste without wheat bran for further insights into consumption patterns. Keywords for SEO optimization: Food waste testing Beetle trays Larvae consumption Nutrient-rich foods Experimentation Wheat bran Sustainable food management Beetle behavior Waste reduction techniques Environmental sustainability

Title: "Food waste test 2.15.24 - YouTube" Transcript: "continuing the food waste testing so I've got uh wheat Brin mixed in already uh this has banana a banana peel a little bit of a banana that was bad uh orange peel and kiwi and I think that's everything this time and I know that orange peel is one of those things that folks use as a natural insecticide so this should be a good test I did use orange peel before in the previous test and all the Beetles are okay so I'm putting it in the same five trays beetles that I did before I'm doing Beetle swap tomorrow oh wait I missed the try I want too high Ah that's right okay let's get it in here so I'll do Beetle swap tomorrow and I'll check those trays and see how their egg production is good and I still have some left over so I'm going to add add it to some larva trays and uh see how things are going now from an orange peels perspective I actually fed orange peels directly to a tray recently uh and here's what that tray looks like now it looks great uh we've got Pupa in there I need to to process these trays but no die off they did fine eating the Citrus the orange peel and it's all gone so I'm confident I'm not going to mess up these trays by giving them that that mixture here that once peel take some of that and we're just going to add it into these trays and you can see in these trays as well some darker granules especially here at the bottom right there that is dried distiller grain I'm just testing out a new potential feed option let's move over here let's toss this stuff in here doesn't have to be pretty The larva will find it got enough for maybe one more so we're getting it in there and all that together and then we go okay so we'll check those tomorrow uh get another update posted and uh my hypothesis is that the Beatles are going to eat it as much as they did before I did give them water gel crystals yesterday so I know they're well hydrated already but we'll see how that goes stay tuned for more" Continuing food waste testing with a mixture of wheat bran, banana peel, bad banana, orange peel, and kiwi. Orange peel is known as a natural insecticide; previous test showed beetles were fine with it. Beetles will be swapped tomorrow to check egg production. Orange peel previously fed directly to a tray showed no issues; confident in adding it to these trays. Testing a new potential feed option: dried distiller grain. Keywords for SEO optimization: Food waste testing Beetles Orange peel as insecticide Larva trays Dried distiller grain Natural feed options Food waste management Insect larvae feeding Sustainable insect farming Food recycling techniques

Title: "Food waste test - February 16, 2024" Transcript: "well the Citrus did not go over well with the Beetles it's still here I mean they're messing with it they're not completely avoiding it oh hey larva you me still kind of messing with [Music] it but not as big of a hit as the carrot based one carrot banana and key I'm not super surprised Orange Peel is a folks use that as a natural insecticide so that makes sense uh that the Beatles might be um not inclined to eat it but what's interesting is that the larvae gobbled out it's I mean there there's just nothing so from a food waste solution I think the larva are going to eat anything and it looks like the Beetles are going to be the picky ones that may complicate the process of food waste collection um you might have to figure out I mean The Beetles don't need a ton but they're still going to need something so that might be a challenge I need to I think what I'm going to do is start a document uh and write this down and try to organize some of just in general some of this stuff but specifically like these results here to help figure out building that process and like somebody mentioned yesterday adding split pea flour to the food mix because since I'm not freezing it then it could potentially have green lights in it so I need to put all that in a document uh and I'll get that squared away and figure out how to post and publish but good stuff" Citrus didn't appeal to the Beetles as much, they showed interest but not as much as expected. Larvae seemed more interested in consuming the food waste, indicating their potential as consumers. The Beetles appeared pickier, possibly complicating food waste collection. Exploring solutions to accommodate the Beetles' preferences, considering their essential dietary needs. Planning to document and organize results for developing effective food waste management strategies. Keywords for SEO optimization: Food waste test Beetles and larvae consumption Insect-based food waste management Citrus waste disposal Sustainable food waste solutions

Title: "Food Waste Project Update - February 17, 2024" Transcript: "next up on food waste sweet potatoes put some in there and cabbage just roughly chopped cabbage in there real rough there we go and then over here got some for the larvae they're already going to town on it been in there about a minute and cabbage as well so we'll see how those things go uh I don't know if the sweet potato is going to work very well uh was it seems kind of dry um but we'll see the Lara seem to like it uh but it could also just be good from a nutrient perspective uh sweet potatoes are one of those things that I think would store well right so I could contract somebody to to produce those um buy them um potentially the seconds like things that don't sell at the market or things that are weird shapes stuff like that um and then feed that to the Colony uh the benefit there would be for small farmers um they could utilize those things that uh otherwise wouldn't sell and still put that to good use so I'm excited about that uh working with somebody on some ideas there just to see from a monetary perspective right it needs to make sense uh but this test will help us figure out are they going to eat it uh and then we go from there" Testing sweet potatoes and cabbage for larva consumption Exploring potential benefits for small farmers Evaluating the feasibility of utilizing unsold produce Collaboration with partners to optimize resource usage Considering the economic viability of the food waste project Keywords for SEO: Food waste project Sweet potatoes Cabbage Larva consumption Small farmers Unsold produce utilization Resource optimization Economic viability Collaboration Sustainable agriculture