Feeding ledge w magnetic cup

Feeding ledge w magnetic cup

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0.25 oz Feeding Ledge w magneticly secured cup


Custom designed and printed in Ashland, Missouri!  Shipping price included!

This 3D printed feeding ledge is a step above the rest - a custom 0.25 fl oz cup comes with the ledge and secures in place with a magnet.

Held in place with strong magnets, when you need to refill the cup simply pop it out from the bottom, refill, and replace - it will 'click' and secure itself with the magnet pictured.

Secures to your habitat via magnets.


- 60mm x 50mm x 30mm

- magnets are 10mm x 3mm

Comes with:

- 1 feeding ledge

- 1 feeding cup

- 6 magnets

I design and print these myself.  If you need a custom option - multiple cups, larger model, etc - please message me, I would love to help