Why use Mealworms for Chickens

Review the information below to understand why mealworms are extremely beneficial for your chickens.  If you have any questions, feel free to message us on Facebook or email us via our Contact Page.

1. Eating insects is what chickens are supposed to do!

Chickens were domesticated from the Red Junglefowl in Southeast Asia.  In their natural habitat, the Red Junglefowl  is an omnivore eating insects, seeds, and fruit.  They roam the jungle, using their feet to scratch ground debris and eat uncovered insects.  For domesticated chickens, their natural instincts immediately come to life when you drop a few mealworms around them.  With their tremendously good eyesight, they quickly find the mealworms and gobble them up!  As you continue to feed, they begin that familiar happy cooing, because they are doing something they love and enjoy.  Eating mealworms is what a chicken is supposed to do!

2. Protein Power for your layers.

Chickens require a large amount of protein, and mealworms are a great delivery system.  Compact, nutrient dense, and it’s what chickens crave!  By using mealworms with your laying hens, you ensure that their protein intake is increased.  The end result is a healthier chicken and improved eggs – stronger shells and more weight translate to more eggs for your family.

3. Molting and mealworms!

When a chicken is molting, their nutrition requirements increase and their immune system reduces.  Mealworms are a great way to provide additional protein to allow faster regrowth of feathers, and boost their nutrition to fortify their health.  This is especially helpful when the cold winter is coming, quicker regrowth of lost feathers means better preparation for those cold nights.

4. Bulking up your broilers with mealworms

If you raise broilers, simply replacing 1-2% of the chickens diet with mealworms will result in higher weight gain and more meat on your plate.  Check out our broilers page for more information.

5. Get some assistance from your birds to turn their bedding. 

If you have a deep litter system, you know how much work it is.  With mealworms, you can get some help from your birds.  Simply toss a days worth of mealworms in the bed, and the chickens will use their natural scratching ability to help flip it!

6. A happy chicken

All it will take is one mealworm for your chickens to fall in love with them.  Their excitement is palpable, and never diminishes as you continue to feed them mealworms.  As you toss them from side to side, your chickens will run around gleefully and chow down until every last one is gone.  You’ll have extremely happy chickens every time you feed them mealworms.

7. A happy chicken = a happy chicken farmer.

Using mealworms for your chickens will bring them increased nutrition and increased happiness – you’ll literally hear it when they coo to you.  And a happy chicken equals a happy chicken farmer!

8. How Many do I Need?

Mealworms should be used as one ingredient of many in a balanced diet for your chickens.  Generally you want to feed each chicken 1-2 tablespoons per day.  Use our easy reference table to help determine how many mealworms you need for your flock.