How many mealworms?

For those of you currently raising chickens you can easily add mealworms to your chicken’s diet.  Check our information below on estimated usage.  You only need to use mealworms to replace 1-2% of your chicken’s daily diet.

Simply feed your chickens 1-2 tablespoons of mealworms per day to supplement their diet.

ChickensMealworm Usage per dayMealworm usage per week
11-2 tbsp500
22-4 tbsp1000
33-6 tbsp1500
44-8 tbsp2000
55-10 tbsp2500
66-12 tbsp3000
77-14 tbsp3500
88-16 tbsp4000
99-18 tbsp4500
1010-20 tbsp5000
2030-40 tbsp10000
3050-60 tbsp15000
4070-80 tbsp20000
5090-100 tbsp25000
Values above are estimates