Mealworm Meetups

Meetup Locations

We are located in Ashland, MO but routinely meet at the below locations for Mealworm Meetups. Contact Us to make arrangements, we can be flexible! A $10 delivery fee may be applied, contact us for details.

Winter Locations:  Mealworms are available year round, during bad/cold weather Justin will meet you inside the below locations/entrances.


  • Mosers, outside main entrance


  • Hy-vee on Conley, outside the middle entrance
  • Hy-vee on Nifong, outside the pharmacy

Holts Summit

  • Mosers, outside the front entrance

Jefferson City

  • Hy-vee, outside the front entrance
  • Gerbes on Schotthill, outside main entrance

Meetup Times

We are available Mon-Fri from 5-9 pm and all day Saturday/Sunday for Mealworm Meetups.

We can be flexible, if these times don’t work please reach out to us.  We will do our best to find a time that works!

Who will you meet?

Meet Justin, the Owner of Midwest Mealworms.  He’ll meet you at the agreed upon location wearing a Midwest Mealworms shirt and driving the Midwest Mealworms Mobile!

What you should bring

Your mealworms will be cooled in a fridge prior to pick-up, and delivered in a cooler.  If you will not have them in a fridge within an hour, bring a cooler to transport them home in.


How do I store them?

After you’ve purchased your mealworms, store them in your fridge.  This keeps them dormant.  The lid will have air holes, store vertically.  They will live for approximately 30 days, with some die off.

What type of packaging do you use?

We use recyclable deli-style plastic containers.

Do you really count every Mealworm?

We could, but that would take quite a while!  Instead, we weigh the mealworms when you purchase them.  We also add 10-15% more weight than you order to account for variation and any die off that may occur.

How big is a Mealworm?

Mealworms start out extremely small.  When ready for general use, they will average 1 inch in length.



How many Mealworms do I feed my chickens?

ChickensMealworm Usage per dayMealworm usage per week
11-2 tbsp500
22-4 tbsp1000
33-6 tbsp1500
44-8 tbsp2000
55-10 tbsp2500
66-12 tbsp3000
77-14 tbsp3500
88-16 tbsp4000
99-18 tbsp4500
1010-20 tbsp5000
2030-40 tbsp10000
3050-60 tbsp15000
4070-80 tbsp20000
5090-100 tbsp25000
Values above are estimates